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Let Compost Winnipeg do the work for you!

In providing your information below, you agree to let the Bridgwater Lakes Neighbourhood Association pass along the information provided to the Compost Winnipeg program once the minimum number (20) of interested parties has been reached.
The association will provide monthly status updates to those who have shown interest with respect to the number of households that have signed up for the program.

The association has been working with the Compost Winnipeg program at the Green Action Centre to  bring composting to the Bridgwater Lakes neighbourhood. 

​Compost Winnipeg composts all food scraps including meat, dairy, bones, fruit, veggies, bread, grains, dough, tea bags, coffee grounds/filters, eggshells. Other acceptable compostable items include paper towels, waxed paper, parchment paper, plants, flowers, wooden stir sticks and compostable plastics.



·         Reduce waste sent to the landfill by about 40%

·         Reduce greenhouse gases and the other harmful effects of landfilling waste

·         Support the local economy and an environmental non-profit

·         Make your trash can lighter, dryer and cleaner!

·         It's even easier than taking the trash out.


​Rates are as follows

·         $25 per month + $10 bucket deposit

·         $75 for 3 months + no deposit required

·         $150 for 6 months + 1 bonus month!

·         $300 for 12 months + 2 bonus months!!


​At least 20 houses are required for the program to be viable in the Bridgwater Lakes neighbourhood. If you are interested please fill in the form below and we will be in contact.

​More information directly from the source can be found at  https://www.compostwinnipeg.ca/


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