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BLNA on Indefinite Hiatus

The recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), held on November 19 2018, did not result in a replacement board for the association being elected. The majority of the current board has served for the past four years and are stepping aside to pursue other challenges and opportunities. All association programming is being suspended until a new board can be established. Members of the current board are willing to provide guidance and work towards transitioning knowledge to new board members if and when the time arises. The current board members will act as stewards for the association in the mean time and direct all financial and asset transactions in the best interest of the association until a new board can be established. The association email address will be monitored on an intermittent basis.

The support of the neighbourhood over the past four years has been appreciated. The retiring board members look forward to transitioning responsibilities to new volunteers when they step forward. If there is interest in re-establishing an executive board for the association, please reach out to the association email address (

**The numerous Facebook pages for the neighbourhood are not run by the association. They are run by neighbourhood residents. 


Request from Manitoba Housing

Manitoba Housing has been putting in an excessive amount of effort this summer to correct issues that stem from improper resident drainage. Please ensure that all sump pump hoses drain on to your own property and not out into the public spaces around the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood association has been asked to distribute the below message. 


Manitoba Housing, as developer of the Bridgwater Neighbourhoods, has recently undertaken repair work of numerous Public Reserve (PR) areas in the Bridgwater Lakes neighbourhood.  This repair work is the result of sump pump runoff from adjacent homes discharging directly onto the PR Areas. The discharge has caused significant damage to these areas. To the adjacent homeowners that directly back onto these PR Areas, please ensure that sump pump water is discharged within the lot and does not drain directly onto adjacent property.  For reference please see Section 5 Subsection 10 of the City of Winnipeg By-law # 7294/98 (Lot Grading) which states that you shall not “cause discharge water to drain directly onto adjacent property and streets.”

Please contact Adule Chris at Manitoba Housing at 204-945-4783 if  you know of a property that is discharging sump pump runoff onto the adjacent Public Reserve area.


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